Friday, March 10, 2006

The day i got sledge-hammered - Part 2

When they told me over dinner about the old China man and his remedy for back-ache, I didn't want any part of it.

"No way I'm gonna lie there and got whacked by a hammer.", I made my stand.

"Just give it a try, he cured another neighbour you know.", they argued.

"Nope! I'm not gonna do it. There are nerves down at your foot. What if one of them was hit, and I went cookoo?"

"No lar, I'll hit slowly, not very hard wan", my dad trying to get me into it.

"Yalar, I think I remember this method when I was little. I heard people doing it in my kampung.", my mom followed.

Yeah mom, why not you lie down? hehehe...of course I didn't say it lar. They didn't say anything after that and I thought I escaped!

Boy, how wrong was I.

So, when I saw the old China man last night, standing in front of the auto-gate, with wood plank with nails on it, on one hand, and a HUGE 10-pound sledgehammer on another, I know I had no where to run......

[to be continued]