Monday, April 03, 2006

Many Legs

One day, while Yiyi was helping Mami hanging up her laundry to dry...

Yiyi : Mami, Mami...

Mami : Yes, dear.

Yiyi : Mami, how many legs does Papi have?

Mami : Huh?

Yiyi : Why did Papi wear soooooo many socks?

Mami : hehe...

Yiyi : Does Papi have more than two legs?

Mami later told her that Papi is not an alien and has only two legs. There were many socks because the laundry was done once a week.

Nowadays, she is curious about everything. Why this, why that. Sometime her questions are really funny and difficult to answer. She also have some really weird ideas in her head.

Just yesterday, she burped and told Mami that there were 3 frogs inside her tummy. When asked what will happened to the frogs, she said she'll give birth to them!! When asked how she's gonna give birth, she said through her "you-know-where"!!

I wonder where did that come from?