Monday, March 13, 2006

What the fook?

Last weekend....

Yiyi : Papi, Papi...

Papi : Yes, Yiyi?

Yiyi : Papi said fook!

Papi : Huh?

Yiyi : You said fook!

Papi : What did you say? Papi said what?

Yiyi : Fook!

Papi : Fook? When?

Yiyi : Just now.

Papi : How did Papi say it?

Yiyi : Fffffooooooookkkkk....

Papi : Huh? *blur*

Yiyi : Ppfffffff....

I have no idea what she was saying. LOL!! And no, I don't say 'fook' in our house, especially with Yiyi around. :)