Friday, March 17, 2006

Does your 2 y.o ask say this to you?

While preparing to go out...

Papi : Yiyi, Yiyi, quick. Papi is going out already.

Yiyi : You don't have to call me lar, I will come out on my own.


While reading a story book for her....

Mami : Mami read you The Princess and The Pea, ok?

Yiyi : Mami, the Princess "fang phiee" ah? (fang phiee = farted)


While helping her with her cloths...

Mami : Yiyi, don't move, ok?

Yiyi : Mami......where do I come from?

Mami : Errr......ask your Papi. :P


While we were watching TV ....

Yiyi : Papi, I want to work and get lots of money.

Papi : Why do you want to work?

Yiyi : I want to buy this car for you. (point to TV ads)

(hehehe.....I putting this here so I could show her when she's working.)