Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Yesterday, while my father (and Yiyi) was having a chat with the immediate neighbour, he asked,
"Yiyi, why do you yell 'Help, Help!' in the morning? Did GrandPa beat you ah? You must be naughty leh"

Since she was about 1 year and a half, we teach her to yell for help, if she's in a dangerous situation. For example, like when she got her hand stuck in-between chairs, or when she fell into some gaps and couldn't get out. Or even when someone tries to hurt her. We want her to learn to protect herself and yell for help. Loud.

But she seems to be applying it whenever she couldn't get certain things her way. Like when she couldn't manoeuvre her bike out a tight spot. Or when she couldn't get her stuck favourite teddy bear out of her toy box. Or when she wants to get down from her baby-chair but no one's around to carry her down.

And when she yell, she'll make sure the whole neighbourhood hears it.

"HELP!!!! HELP ME!!!!!"

That morning, the neighbour might have heard her when she couldn't get her bike out. They might have thought that she's being abused or something. LOL!! But we explained to them that she's actually yelling for her grandma to help her get her bike.

I think we have to tell her to yell for help only in emergency. :)