Thursday, June 15, 2006

Office Politics


If you just work and do not interfere in office politics, you will be fine.


Mami has been working in her new company for more than 6 months now. She's a dedicated worker, who would put 100% effort to complete whatever tasks handed to her. The company is a big multinational company, reporting to the asia-pac headquater in Singapore.

You see, Singapore's office looks highly on her and realise the potential that she has. So in a short one month after she joined, she was transferred to handle a more critical role in the company. She had praises from both her previous supervisor and current superior, and even the colleagues are happy that she's around, because things actually get done pretty quickly.

But the GM of the company didn't think so and seems to have a different idea. He seems to see her as a threat. This guy has been putting in a team that are on his side. Cronies. His own gang. So that no one would dispute or argue any decisions that he made. No matter wrong or right that decision is. And since she's really close with Singapore, she is seen as a 'spy' and a threat.

Mami has been building relationships with existing customers. Being new in the field, she has put in a lot of effort into it. And I am proud to say, she has been quite successful with the customers. But sadly, one by one, these customers were transfered to the cronies. When she was about to close a deal, she was asked to hand the accounts out to the cronies. She was mad.

But today, the GM showed his real intention. He told Mami that the company has the intention to transer her again, back to her initial position, a more office-bound, paper-work job. She voiced out her dissapointment, and anger, of course. But there is no more meaning to continue on.

Sometime, we just want to make a living, work 100% for the company and contribute 100% to the company. All we expect is the payment at the end of the month and a little appreciation to our job. That's all. But some people seems to have their own agenda.

Mami, don't worry about anything. I am 100% behind you and whatever you decide to do, I'll fully support you.

All the best Mami, good luck.