Sunday, July 16, 2006


Mami has been admitted to the hospital for some kidney problems. Her Mixed Connective Tissue disease, commonly known as SLE, flares up again.

It started when her legs swelled up. Then her stomach. So we went to our doctor which quickly refered us to her specialist. We went to the specialist (a rheumotologist), and immediately she suggested a biopsy on the kidneys.

The biopsy was done on Friday and now we are waiting for the report, which should be out by Tuesday. It was done through her lower back, her kidney cell samples were taken for further test.

She has been warded for 3 days now, mainly to monitor her situation, as well as for some medications. I accompanied her everyday at the hospital, only coming home to take care of things. Yiyi seems to know something's wrong with Mami. When she visited Mami on the first day, she was extremely quiet, but kept asking Mami what's wrong. We simply told her Mami's sick. On the second day, she's back to her normal self.

The doctor wanted to monitor her for another day, to check on her kidney functions. Everything seems normal, except for her swollen legs. She can walk, eat, sleep, but she goes to the toilet frequently due to her medications. The doc says it's probably due to kidney infection, and she'll release Mami to go back on Monday.

Now we'll just wait for the report and the doctors will discussed the next course of action. I am just praying hard and hope it's nothing serious.