Monday, September 18, 2006


Last month....

Doctor : *pump pump pump*

Papi : *steady steady*

Doctor : WAH!!

Papi : What?!

Doctor : Wait...wait... *pump pump pump*

Papi : hmmm....

Doctor : Fuiyo!!!

Papi : What??!!! What's wrong?

Doctor : Your blood pressure is very very high! You could pop anytime!

Papi : Huh?! But I don't feel anything.

Doctor : You better take care blah blah blah.... You know that Malay artist just collapsed...yada yada yada...You take this pill, 1 in the morning after meal.

Papi : OK, OK...

Mami : You see, I told you already to take care ....blah blah blah...never listen wan..yada yada....

Papi : OK, OK....... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

2 weeks later.....

*pump pump pump...*

Doctor : It's still high la.

Papi : But I just measured from home, it was in the normal range leh?

Doctor : You sure ah? Next time bring your machine here, we'll do a cross check.

Papi : OK, OK :)


Papi : Doc, I brought my machine. let's do it together! hehehehe....

Doctor : *pump pump pump left hand*

Machine : *pump pump pump right hand*

Doctor : OK, don't tell me the reading yet, let's do it again.

*pump pump pump*

Papi : Hey, they matched. So my machine is accurate.

Doctor : So, that means you are having white-coat hypertension. Hypertension caused by anxiety when seeing the doctor.

Papi : phew... I took readings at home and it was normal, everytime.

Doctor : Yeah, but still you have to monitor it for me at home. Take readings at different time and record it down. Come back to see me in 2 weeks. I want to see the report.

Papi : ok, ok....

On the way back.....

Mami : Why when you go see doctor, your blood pressure went up ah?

Papi : Don't know. White coat hypertension wor.

Mami : You like the doctor, is it? Excited, is it?

Papi : Nonsense lar...

Mami : kih kih kih...just kidding only.