Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mami Update

She has been discharged. So now she's resting at home. She is feeling fine but a bit drowsy, probably due to her medication and not enough of sleep in the hospital.

The report will be out probably tomorrow or the day after. She is going back for a follow-up check on Friday. During her stay, her tests came out OK, some of the readings are normal while a few were out of range. But nothing serious. And her kidney functions are OK. Let's hope the report will turn out OK as well.

On the bright side of this, she lost almost 8 kgs! All water in her. And I can see she's very happy with this. LOL! Girls and their weights.

Yesterday, she called her new boss on this, just to update him and to remind him on outstanding tasks:

Mami : Hello, Boss.

Boss : Hey, how are you? So, did the doctors detected cancer in you?

Some people really have bad mouth.