Monday, December 04, 2006

First Day at School

Last week was Yiyi's first day at 'school'. Pre-school to be exact.

Well, it's actually a holiday programme for two weeks, not the real semester yet, but we signed her up just to get her started. We wanted her to get used to the environment of her new pre-school.

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Yay!! I am going to school!!

She was getting really bored at home. Watch TV, playing with her toys and talking to her GrandMa. When she started to talk like GrandMa, we decided it's time to send her to pre-school.

The first 3 days was OK. She was really happy and excited. She even brought back stuffs that she made at school, and talked about her day at school and her friends. But on the 4th day(Thursday) and onwards, she started to cry and ask for Mami and me.

So over the weekend, we have been trying to 'brainwash' her. Telling her the good things about her school, her friends, stuff they get to do, like dancing, singing etc. She was really excited and promised she won't cry.

But today, she cried again when I dropped her at the school.

I guessed it's gonna take some time for her to get herself comfortable and to trust the teachers there. Let see how the rest of this week goes.

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Happy girl!