Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A lil update long never update.

I have been really busy, with work and some other things. A 'lil update, OK?

Mami is doing real fine. Her disease seems to have stabilised. Her reports all came back showing good recovery. All readings are normal. Although she's still on medication to control her disease, the dosage has decrease tremendously. She's now a housewife, taking care of household chores. But she's been bugging me about wanting to work again. Kih kih kih... But I told her to have some rests and relax.

"Aiya, very boring lar. At home nothing to do leh.", she complained.

"Can watch TV mah, Hokkien dramas, can cook good food for me also...hehehe...", I countered.

"Can lar, can lar, if not work, where got money."

"Nope. Don't argue. Rest first. We'll talk about this next year."

"Hah? Next year ah? That means I can work next year lar."

"No. I said we'll talk again next year. Not next year can work. OK?"

:('s for her own good lar. Rest for a couple of months first, OK, Mami?

She really enjoy driving around in her Mini. If you see a lady in a blue Mini (in USJ area), remember to say Hi! :)

Yiyi is growing up just fine. In fact she has put on a lot of weight. She now weights 13kg! That's heavy, especially for our hands. Try carrying her for 5 minutes in Mid Valley, and you'll know what I mean. :) She also has the habit of repeating what we say.

Just last night, I was checking the rear lights of Mami's Mini...

Papi : Which one to unscrew?

YehYeh : The bottom two..

Papi : The dua biji down there ah?

YehYeh : Yeah.

Yiyi : The dua biji down there! The dua biji down there!!!

Papi, YehYeh : *gasp*!! LOL!!

I have to be really careful of what I said.

As for me, I am still the same. Minus a few kilos, hehehe... Thanks to Mami's extra healthy, low fat, low salt, low cholesterol home-cooked meal. :) I lost a few kilos, much to the amazement of my colleagues.

Colleagues : Wah, how you lose weight ah? Magic pills? Super Belt? i-Horse? Tell lar, tell lar.

Papi : No lar. Simply eat healthy, less fat, and exercise more.

Colleagues : Oh. That. *walk away*

Sorry guys, not to dissapoint you, but there's no easy way but exercise, exercise and more exercise!