Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Mami : Papi ah..

Papi : Yes?

Mami : The teacher said hor, Yiyi is not running properly.

Papi : Huh? What do you mean she is not running properly?

Mami : The teacher said her motor skill, especially her legs, is not fully developed yet. So she need to run more.

Papi : Huh? So how?

Mami : So, we have to bring her out to the playground more frequent lor. Train her legs a bit.

Papi : she can exercise more lar.

Mami : Yalor.

Papi : But she is active what? Running here and there, jumping like a monkey. We have a lawn for her to run also. How come the motor skill not developed? Looks OK to me.

Mami : Dunno leh....

Papi : I think the teacher indirectly ask you to go exercise more often lar *muahahaha* (Warning: Don't try this at home!)

Mami : NO Lar!!! Eee-yer!! I think the teacher was referring to you lar!! hahaha....

Papi : OK lar, OK lar, we both go lar.

Come to think of it, I think Yiyi's doing just fine. I mean, I've seen her running , and it looks OK to me. Well, she does gallop here and there, like riding an imaginary horse, when she's being playful. Maybe today, she galloped, thinking it was a game they were playing. And the teacher thought she was running in a weird way.

I think I'll test her today.