Friday, February 09, 2007

To go or not to go

Yeah, that is the question.

I just received a call for an ex-employee of my current company. Apparently his big multinational company is looking for someone and he wanted me to join him. The pay will be good, and I think the benefit would be very attractive, but the work will be very hard. And lots of traveling too.


Lately, my company is going off-course, a lil' bit, and they are losing focus on the core business. Actually, one of the main reason this company was started a few years ago was to break away from a parent company and to mainly concentrate on this particular business that we are in. At that time, we felt that we need to be more focus and to take away all other (unperforming) business that was bagging us down. Thus this company was born.

But now, looks like they are going the opposite way and going backwards. Going back to the old ways, trying to take on something that is totally unrelated to our field. And the worst is, they started to neglect the core business, causing some lost opportunities along the way.

But on the other hand, this company has been treating me real good. And there is a sense of belongings and familiarity that makes it a difficult decision to leave. And step into a world of unknown.

Maybe I should take the step? Or not?

Mami has a simpler thought. "If the pay is good, go lar!", she said over the phone.

Aiyo, how lar....

So I don't really what to make of this offer that came this morning. Is this good news?

To go or Not to go leh?