Monday, February 05, 2007

Lauya Pencil

Yiyi : Mami, Mami!!

Mami : Yes, dear.

Yiyi : Mami! This pencil is not good.

Mami : Why?

Yiyi : Spoiled already, cannot use. Lauya pencil lar.

Mami : Come, let Mami have a look.

Yiyi : Spoiled already lar, lauya wan.

Mami : *check pencil* Ok ak? The pencil is ok mah.

Yiyi : No lar, when I draw with it, it will draw outside the line wan. It doesn't follow the line wor. No good lar, spoiled already.

Papi : LOL!! That wan not pencil lauya lar, your hand lauya lar. kih kih kih...

Yiyi : No lar, the pencil lauya lar.

Kids do have a really interesting perspective.

She proceeded to show me how 'lauya' the pencil is. hahaha... She is showing some improvement in holding pencils, drawing and writing. Her hands are getting stronger and she has better control of the hands.

lauya : lousy.