Friday, February 16, 2007


I think the white envelope came in yesterday. It was in our mailbox this morning. Mami was out fetching Yiyi to her kindy.

I took it out from the mailbox, along with a CNY greeting card and some junk flyers. In front of the letter read "Private and Confidential", addressed to Mami. It was from the company she went for an interview more than 3 weeks ago.

Bad news. It was a reject letter.

Mami was really hopeful on this one. Really looking forward to it. When I passed the letter to her, immediately she knew what it's about. And I can see she was really dissapointed. Tears were welling up in her eyes, but she kept it in.

I think part of the rejection is because of her experience. It was a junior position, and they are looking for fresh graduates. Although Mami has agreed to the pay cut (and a big one too), I guessed they just weren't comfortable with it. Furthermore it was also a job of a different industry. A completely different industry. So it's difficult to match her experience with their requirements. The only reason why she tried it was because there's a friend working in there and her department was looking for someone to help her. So she'll be happy if Mami could join her and help her. But I guessed, the boss didn't think so.

Don't worry, Mami. Sometime we'll run, sometime we'll walk and then, sometime, we'll fall.
That's life. We just pick ourselves up, and move on. Life goes on.

If we couldn't get this one, we'll get the next one.

A better one.

I promise :)