Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dong Dong Chiang!!

Oh boy, oh boy!!

3 more days to Chinese New Year. Yay!! But it's not the new year day itself I am looking forward too, but the eve. This year, Chinese New Year's eve is on Saturday, 17 Feb 2007.

If you don't know already, the Chinese New Year's eve is the reunion day and the day we'll have the tuan-nian dinner (or brunch, lunch, supper...) . On this day, my mom will cook the bestest, yummy dishes. There's chicken, fish, prawns, vege, authentic hakka yong tau foo, and of course, hainanese chicken rice! I'm Hainanese mah. Thinking of the chicken rice makes me droolll...

We normally started the day early. Being the only cook in the house (and no daughter to help her hehehe..), my mom will prepare all the dishes. My brother, Mami and I will help her and at the same time help her with the house chores.

We normally eat around 2pm. My dad normally comes home around noon from his shop. He works half-day on this day. The rest of the day is just resting and relaxing, watching TV. This year, we'll probably go jalan-jalan at some shopping or to some temples to see lanterns and flowers.

At night, we'll give angpows (yak-sui money) to each other. I still gave to my parents, Mami and of course, to Yiyi. And my brother too. (Oii!! Cepat kahwin lar!!) . Then more TV watching, and snacking (keropok, BBQ meat, Coke, kacang, crispy honeycomb cookie, cheese tart, chocolate, mandarin oranges......)

Then midnight.......Happy New Year!! Kong Hey Fatt Choy!!!