Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another offer

Thank you! Thank you all for the advices and tips!

I must say your comments really made me re-think the whole thing. Of course, Mami was there too. So, I have responded to the offer and I have put in a good package since they have asked me for my expectation. If it worked out, then great lar. If it didn't, then I don't lose anything.

And then, there's the second call. This time from another company, our competitor. Actually my ex-supervisor is there now and thanks to him, he had gave me a rave review to his boss there. His boss and I spoke on the phone for a few minutes, the usual hello-are-you-interested-to-come-over chat. We have fixed an appointment after CNY to take this further.

Wow, 2 opportunities in a week. And it's gonna be tough, coz they are both something I wanted to do. Really hope this turns out positively.

And oh yeah...Happy Valentine's Day!!