Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A small step..

Last week was a major crosspoint for me. I tendered my resignation to my company.

My manager was shocked but not really surprised. We had a chat, a good chat, which further emphasized my decision. They are losing focus and they are trying to steer away from our core business. But the problem is they don't have a goal or plan on what to do next.

Better 'cabut' early.

So, I have a job offer already in the bag. And I am still talking to another company, which I think will be able to provide me with a better offer. There are also some other people who got to know of my resignation and started to approach me on some partnerships. So I am keeping my options open, for the time being.

Special thanks to MamaBok for providing me with some info on tax in Canada. Really appreciate it.

cabut : malay for run away