Monday, March 19, 2007

No more bats

Yay!! Our house is now free of bats!!

There was a colony up there on the ceiling. The scratching, screeching and not to mention the smell and the droppings. Ewww... So, my dad and I went up there again. This time we were prepared. Armed with a long tongs/whadaya-call-that-long-forcep-to-pick-up-charcoal-for-bbq and a pail, we went up the hot and stuffy ceiling. While up there, I worked on some cabling for my Streamyx and my dad was responsible in catching those critters.

Using the long forcep, he picked the bats, one-by-one into the pail. But two escaped into the cracks of the roof tiles. FYI, bats can't fly off the ground, like birds. They have to fly by dropping off an edge. Who says you don't learn anything from Astro.

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Bats for Pets , anyone?

He then put up some nets around the perimeter to prevent them from coming back. And he nearly fell through the ceiling because he lost his balance and his footing. I must say that my dad, although at 60, is a pretty agile guy. He's ok, but I ended up with a hole on my ceiling.

We released the bats in a field far away from our house, worried that they'll find their way back. But that night, the two bats that got away came back. And they were really pissed off!! It was so noisy that we couldn't sleep a wink!

Anyway, my dad came back the next day to check, and true enough, those two buggers were still there. I think they found another way in. And yes, this time, they still managed to get away. And yes, for the second time, my dad broke my ceiling again. So I ended up with two holes on my ceiling.

So, yesterday, we spent the whole day fixing the ceiling and cleaning up the bats dropping. Really tiring work. So now, we could sleep peacefully again. :)