Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yiyi's First Trip to Singapore - Day 1

As you all know, we went to Singapore last week. It was Easter holiday in Singapore, so we decided to take the opportunity to drive down to Singapore and visit the Singapore Zoo. VEP (Vehicle Entry Pass) is free of charge on Singapore public holiday.

On Thursday we departed from Mami's hometown in Malacca. We planned our journey around noon as Yiyi normally takes her nap around this hour. If she sleeps in the car, Mami would have some peace and quiet, and I can concentrate on driving. But before we hit the highway, we decided to go by the trunk roads and went to Malacca town. Our destination: our favourite Popiah stall in Malacca town, just in front of Madam King's shopping.

Image hosted by

Each popiah (non-halal) is about 5 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. It has taugeh, egg, bean curd and turnip as fillings. And most important, chunks of pork lard and oil. Sorry, no photo, busy eating mah..hehehe.... Want to know where the stall is? From the one-way road in front of the Tan Kim Hock shop (the famous shop selling local products and snacks, keropok, biscuits, durian cendol etc), go straight (keep to your right) until the traffic light, then make a U-Turn to the next road. Madam Kings is almost towards the end on the right.

And you know, that popiah saved us a few hundred bucks. Why? On the highway, I was having a piece, while driving. It was dripping, the fillings were falling onto my lap. So I slowed down a bit and concentrated on eating my popiah. (Yeah, don't try this OK? I'm a trained professional ;)
And just a couple of kilometers in front, there was a police road block. If I didn't slowed down, I would have joined that Singaporean Harrier who high-beamed me and zoom-passed me at 160km/h.

We reached Tuas Checkpoint (Second Link) at about 6 pm. Just nice. The VEP is free from 5pm to 2am, and on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Not many vehicles were going into Singapore, but the traffic going out of Singapore was horrible. These were Malaysian who is working in Singapore, most of them on motocycles.

Once in Singapore, we headed straight to the Hotel. We stayed at The Gallery Hotel, a hip and trendy hotel by the river side. But I was having problem locating it. My mobile roaming wasn't working and we couldn't call the hotel for direction. Armed with a Singapore map, we drove around Singapore like a headless chicken. An hour later, we managed to identify the road and by following the map, we finally reached the hotel.

We like the room but we didn't like the hotel. The room is beautiful and clean, the decor is fantastic. We got a king sized bed and a baby cot as requested. Yiyi went "Wow! Wow!" non stop, running around excitedly. It was the first time we saw her behaved this way. Me and Mami were laughing seeing her like this.

What we dislike about the hotel was the location. It was a quiet area with no entertainment, no shopping and nothing to see, except the stinking river. And to get to our room, we need to take 3 different lifts just to get to the 5th floor. Breakfast - so so.

At night we drove to Chinatown, about 3 minutes drive from the hotel. There were street pedlers and shops selling chinese stuffs, and chinese food restaurant. And there was a particular street which was closed for traffic and there were food stalls aligning the side, selling rojak, mee, soups, BBQ seafood etc.

Image hosted by

Back at the hotel...

Mami (in the shower) :Papi...What are you doing?

Papi : Oh..Nothing...just admiring the view of Singapore.

Image hosted by
The view from our room.
The lap pool is just next to our room. *wink wink*

To be continued...the trip to the zoo..

Monday, March 28, 2005

We're Back!


We came back on Saturday, driving straight from Singapore. It rained all the way, from Johor to Klang Valley. It took us more than 4 hours to reach home. The roads were wet and slippery. On the way, we saw a few cars turn-turtle in the ditch.

The trip to Singapore was nice. I will blog about it when I got my photos downloaded. I was very impressed with their traffic management system. Fantastic! I will also blog about it later.

Previously I always have to worry about the ERP. As renting an IU device is troublesome, I always had to plan my trip and my route to avoid ERP gantries, to avoid being fine. The ERP is actually an automated toll collection system with a pay-as-you-use concept. They installed ERP gantries on the highways and on busy roads to scan for cars. For Singaporean cars, they have an IU device (In-vehicle Unit) installed in their car, with a cash card inserted into it. So everytime they passed the gantry, a certain amount (depending on the time of day) will be deducted from the cash card, just like SmartTag in Malaysia. Previously, for foreign cars, if you don't have an IU device in your car when you passed through the ERP gantry, your plate-number will be recorded by the CCTV. When you exit Singapore, you will be stopped and you will be given a hefty fine.

But not anymore!

Now you can passed through an ERP gantry without an IU device, and not worry being fined. The system will be intelligent enough to capture your car plate-number (registration number) and then linked it to your AutoPass. So that means, you will be paying the ERP charges when you exit Singapore through your Autopass.

FYI, the AutoPass is required for entry to Singapore. We 'clocked in' using the Autopass when we enter Singapore and we 'clocked out' when we exit Singapore. Then the VEP will be calculated for the number of days we stayed in Singapore (S$20 per day, FOC weekends and public holidays). Before we exit, we have to ensure that the amount in the AutoPass is enough for the VEP and the toll/ERP charges. The topup can be easily done in any 7-11 stores and in some shopping centres as well. The Autopass is valid for 5 years and once expired, simply present the card, your card insurance and your roadtax to LTA.

Also, they currently stationed an LTA officer (Land Transport Authority = JPJ) at the custom booth. So if you have problem with your card (broken card, lost card or card expired), you can settle it right there at the custom booth.

My Autopass card had expired and they asked for proof for valid insurance for my car. I can present my roadtax to them, which means I have to peel off that roadtax sticker from my windshield. But I doubted the roadtax is still in recognisable form if I do that. Or I can present my car registration certificate, which I did. I bought it along with me. Sudah biasa mah, I know their procedures.

But my only problem was the parking, especially in shopping complexes. Almost all shopping complexes employ cashless parking system. That means you pay using CashCard or Autopass. And some even use the automated IU. It gave me a scared, coz I was halfway into the parking building, when I saw the notice saying it uses IU system. "OMG! I don't have an IU!". Reversing back is a no-no, as there were cars behind and it's a one-way street. I proceeded to the gate and felt relieved when I saw "Non IU user, please press for card". Phew....! But still I paid using my Autopass.

I will be blogging about our trip to Singapore, especially the Zoo!! Stay tuned, ya!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yes, we are going for a holiday in Singapore! Our target - Singapore Zoo.

I will be heading to Malacca this evening after work to meet Mami and Yiyi. I missed them so much. Then tomorrow we will be driving down to Singapore, via Woodland checkpoint. But we have to time and plan our journey, to avoid paying VEP (Vehicle Entry Permit). The VEP is free after 5pm (between 5pm to 2am). We also do not have to pay VEP during Singapore public holiday and Saturdays/Sundays. So basically we do not have to pay for VEP for the entire trip.

Another headache is the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) aka toll. As your car is driven through a gantry on the road, a certain amount of toll will be deducted automatically from your automated toll card/scanner. Similar to SmartTag in Malaysia but more advanced, imho. As I do not have a ERP reader/scanner, I do not plan to use ERP. Thus I need to plan my journey to avoid these ERPs. Well, I could rent an ERP reader, but I need to come out with S$120 for the deposit.

So if you asked me whether to drive to Singapore, my advice: Don't. It's too troublesome, the parking, VEP, ERP and toll will drain your wallet. There are many rules and regulations, it is so troublesome. I have driven many times to Singapore and I am quite familiar with the how and what and where and when, but I still don't like it. Their public transport is quite efficient and fast and somewhat reliable.

We'll also be visiting Mami's sister in Singapore. She is married to a Singaporean husband, a mother of 3 and now residing in Tampines. As always, we will bringing lots and lots of stuff for them. Diapers, Milk formulas, food stuff. Malaysia cheaper mah. Hopefully we don't get stopped by the cocky immigration officers.

So, we'll see you next week! Have a wonderful week and a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Temporary Ah-SAHM

My parents has gone for a 8 days holiday in China. So Mami has to take leave to take care of Yiyi.

We decided to get Mami and Yiyi back to Mami's hometown, because of a few reasons. One, she has someone to accompany her, her mom, siblings, nephews and nieces, and relatives. Two, she doesn't need to worry about cooking and doing house chores, just lepak only lar. And three, they have a maid. So she can help look after Yiyi also.

But yesterday when I called her, this is what she told me..

Papi : So how's your day?

Mami : Aiyo, very tiring lar, not enough sleep some more.

Papi : Yiyi very naughty ah?

Mami : No lar, she's quite ok.

Papi : Then?

Mami : It's my niece, Wei Wei. (Wei Wei is 3 months older than Yiyi and far bigger size than Yiyi)

Papi : Huh?

Mami : Wei Wei a bit kaki buli wan. If no one's looking, she will push Yiyi and even beat her.

Papi : Really? Ask Yiyi to fight back lar.

Mami : Yiyi so small size. When pushed, she almost fell down already.

Papi : Aiyo..

Mami : Just now, Yiyi playing with her ball and then Wei Wei came and took the ball away.

Papi : Then Yiyi cried or not?

Mami : No lor, she just stand there looking at Wei Wei, then looked at me saying "Mami..Mami..Ball".

It turned out that Mami is more tied up looking after Wei Wei.

Hang in there, Mami. Another 2 days, and we are off to Singapore!

SAHM - Stay At Home Mother.

Buaya69 No More

Looks like Buaya69 has made a decision. He has finally decided to pull the plug!


Well, Buaya Waggy Tales has been a must-read for me everyday. I don't subscribed to those Bloglines or RSS thingy, but instead, I checked for his blog update everyday. His 'cucimata' at the shopping malls, his gifts to Mrs B, his two lovely daughters and not forgetting his tips on how to become a stylish buaya!

Bro, I'm gonna miss your blog. Take care and all the best!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Vernal Equinox

"Vernal what? "

Today we have a vernal equinox, aka spring equinox or March equinox. It's when the sun rises exactly in the east, travels through the sky for 12 hours and sets exactly in the west. And everyone on earth will experience this. Well, that's what I got from the net.

But how about those in the Artic and Antartica? Are they experiencing 12 hours of sun as well?

Also, I heard on the radio, our Malaysian Meteorological Service forecasted that we gonna have 14 hours of sun. How come we have a longer sunlight, compared to 12 hours? But anyway, it's gonna be a very very hot day!

In Japan, vernal equinox is celebrated as a national holiday. It's normally spent visiting family graves and holding family reunion. I wonder whether Doc experience that in Osaka?

And lastly, an old wives' tale (no Mami, I am not talking about you) tells that on vernal equinox day, you can actually balance an egg on their ends. Try it and see. Of course, it's just a myth lar. You can balance an egg on their ends anyday of the year.

Friday, March 18, 2005

An Unforgettable Trip to Genting

We will be going for a trip to Singapore next week. It will be the first time Yiyi will be leaving Malaysia and going for a holiday oversea. Yeah, Singapore also oversea mah.

Talking about going for trips, it reminds me of a story way back when I was in Form 3.

Back then, the school always organised one day 'belajar-sambil-melawat' trip to tourist attractions near Klang Valley. The plan was always learn-play-shop. First go to a place where you can learn, like a farm or a factory. Then go to the tourist attraction such as waterfalls, hot wells, historical sites etc. And lastly, on the way back to the school, we'll stopped at the most happening shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur.

That time, we went to Genting Highland. So the first place we went was the hydrophonic farm, somewhere along the hilly road up Genting Highland. As it was an 'official' trip, we were required to wear our boring school uniform. Me, being a prefect, was wearing an ugly green long-sleeves shirt and a pair of white long pants. At this farm, we were brought around by a supervisor, pretending to listen to whatever he said about the tomato plants and the rose and ...errr...I really didn't know what he was saying and I wasn't paying attention. My mind was a few hundred feets Genting, especially the arcade.

We spent about 1-2 hours at this farm, before we moved on to climb for Genting. At Genting, we were allowed to change to a more colorful attire. Some bought jeans and t-shirts. Others bought their leather jacket. But I only bought a sweater. Lazy mah, I never like to bring lots of stuff with me, why bring so many things, heavy some more. But I didn't realised this day would change my life forever!

The teachers gave us about 3 hours, free and easy. We can do whatever we want and go wherever we want, but we need to meet at the bus parking after 3 hours. The teachers, then went to the casino, I think. You think they actually went row boat at the lake for 3 hours ah? I don't think so.

So me and a group of friends quickly made our way to the arcade! It was one of the state-of-the-art arcade in Malaysia at that time! And it has got 3D games (those lousy, pixelated 3D games)! Fuiyo!! But something happened on the way to arcade.....

As we were heading towards the arcade, there was a small longkang (drain) that we need to cross. It's just a normal longkang you see everyday, with one side higher than the other, about knee height. Kacanglah! So I lifted up my left leg, cross the longkang, and then......prakkkkkkk.....

Oh shit! I just ripped my pants. The torn was from the bottom of my groin, all the way to left of my hip, exposing my left butt cheek and my loose (the getah almost failed to function) underwear. OMG! OMG! OMG! My friends were stunned. They didn't know what to do. I am sure they had a great laugh after that.

Suddenly everything went down that longkang. I wasn't thinking about the arcade anymore, I wasn't thinking about Street Fighter anymore. All I was thinking was "I wanna go home!!!". But luckily, I have my sweater, which was quite big. So I brought it around my back, waist height, and then tied the long sleeves around my waist. Just like Superman's cape. But this 'cape' was covering my chilly butt and saved me from further embarassement.

After that we still went to the arcade, and played some games there. But non-physical ones (like that motorcycle racing game), because I worried my sweater would fall off, exposing my butt. And I wasn't enjoying the arcade, not 1 bit. After 3 hours, we went back to the bus. And luckily, there was a friend who bought his jeans along. He changed to his jeans and gave me his dark-green school pants to me. And believe me, I never felt so good wearing that dark-green school pants.

So, because of this incident, I always go out well prepared. Wherever I go, I always bring extra pants, extra shirts, extra underwears, extra shoes, and more pants. Phobia kua?


I got some cute wallpapers in an email today. I think it's a cartoon or comic from Korea, based on the text on the wallpaper.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
This one (above) the cutest, IMHO. My favourite.

I am not really into wallpapers. My PC is already slow, displaying wallpaper will make it even slower. And I like my screen to be black. Easier to the eyes mah.

So if you are interested (for the whole set - 9 pics total), send us an email. Comment also can. I will zip it up and send to you. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Baby Talk

Yiyi has been experimenting with words for the past few weeks. She would listen to us, to our conversation, and she would repeat some of the words we said. She is also now able to sing some songs and nursery rhymes, but only a couple of 1-syllable words.

But yesterday, she managed to say 5 syllables in a sentence.

"Papi Tar Gi Tar"

Papi plays the guitar, she said. Actually I didn't play the guitar in front of her. It's actually a song that Mami taught her during shower time.

"Sia Yu Sia Ta Ta....Papi Tar Gi Tar" Mami sang in Mandarin.
Translation: "The rain falls heavily...Papi plays the guitar".

I actually have another version of the song, but cannot teach Yiyi lar.
"Sia Yu Sia Ta Ta ...... Dua Bui Wan Lam Pah" he hehe...

Dua Bui: Hokkien - Fat Guy
Wan : Mandarin - Play
Lam Pah : Hokkien - Balls

Monday, March 14, 2005


One fine day, at the nursery farm in Sungai Buloh .....

Papi : Eh? Mami about getting a mango tree. We can plant it at the side of our house.

Mami : Good idea. Let's ask the 'towkay'. (Boss)

Papi : Towkay ah! Mango got ah?

Towkay : Got, got! *walk walk* it is..

Papi : This one ah? *point* How much?

Towkay : Ya, RM15.

Papi : What mango ah?

Towkay : Chokanan.

Papi : How long before it will produce fruit?

Towkay : 6 months only.

Papi : Wah, so fast ah? 6 months ah?

Towkay : Ya...ya....*nod nod*

2 and a half years later.....

Image hosted by

Finally, our mango tree bears fruits. And only 3 mango fruits.

Mami : Yalar, my sister said it depends on the number of people in your house wan.

Papi : Meaning?

Mami : Meaning, for the first few times, if your house got 3 people, then it will produce 3 fruits lor. One for each person. You, me and Yiyi lor.

Papi : Sure ah?

Mami : Don't know lar, she said like that. Last time her house also the same. The jambu, the mango all produced 4 fruits only for her family. 4 person mah. Only after 3-4 bloomings, the trees started to produce more.

Image hosted by

My mango tree is about 2 meters in height. I will be trimming the top, so that it doesn't grew too big. I am watering it everyday, and putting fertiliser every month. I think I have to wrap it up, with some cloth or plastic bags, to protect it from insects and the environment.

Can't wait for the fruit .... :)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Music MeMe

I was tagged by teckiee of Big Head Big Hat for this Music MeMe thingy. What the heck is Music Meme?? I have no idea. But anyway, I am filling this up for the two of us, Papi and Mami. So here it is ...

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
Me? Got sound card, no speaker. So no music files on my (office) PC. Well, maybe a few of megabytes, for backup purposes. On Mami's PC, probably less than 500MB. Complete Sam Hui's songs, Alan Tam's and Jacky Cheung's.

The CD you last bought?
Hmmm...gosh...I can't remember. It was like Jurrasic years ago since we bought a music CD. I think is that Power Station CD (Tong Lik For Cher), a Taiwanese Rock group.

What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
Must be the The Phantom of the Opera theme. We just watched it a couple of nights ago. But we thought Sarah Brightman version is not that good. So we digged up our old musical CD, and played "The Phantom of the Opera" and "All I asked of you".

Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
1. White Moon Light - by Jeff Chang (that's my fav now he he he although I don't understand a single word in that song. Banana mah.)
2. Musicals - The Phantom of the Opera. (We love musicals)
3. Musicals - All I asked of you (Did I say we love musicals?)
4. It's all coming back to me now - Celine Dion (Mami's fav, reminded her of something woh)
5. Songs by Enya (another Mami's fav )

OK, I am supposed to pass this to 3 person (No, not the kind where something bad will happen to you if you don't pass it 1000 friends in 2 seconds). But 3 person only ah? I got so many friends out there leh.

I know, I know....I am gonna pass this to 3 different groups. Jason, of the student/teenager group, Mumsgather of the Ah-SAHM group and Buaya69 of the more...ahem...mature and professional group. Let's see how different are they from each other. :)

Yiyi's First Passport

We are planning for a trip down south to Singapore in the end of March. So first thing we need is a passport for Yiyi.

Before that, we need a few things. Documentation lar. We went to the Immigration office Subang Branch near Subang Terminal 3 to check what documentations are required and to get the form. The form costs us RM1. We need to have 2 passport sized photos of Yiyi, a photocopy of the father's IC (identification card), that's me, and a photocopy of the Yiyi's birth certificate. We also bring Mami's photocopied IC, just in case. We were also told that there will be a special counter to service those with kids and senior citizens. The photocopies have to be in a certain format, check with the Immigration.

Then we went to get Yiyi some passport photos. If you have a toddler then you should know how difficult it is to get a toddler to stay completely still for 2 seconds. We put her to sit on a stool, and I have to hold her still, without getting into the camera way. In the mean time, Mami have to think of a way to get her to look directly at the camera. And 7 snaps later, we got our picture. Phew...

For the photo, we recommend that you take the instant photos, digital format. The photographer can review the picture and decide whether it's ok or not before printing. This is extremely useful as he might not get a good photo, with the toddler moving and all. Also, with digital photos, the minimum is 8 photos (costs us RM15). So we asked them to take 2 different pictures, and then print 4 each. You know lar, the Immigration officer can be quite picky. Telinga tak nampak lar, muka senget lar, baju tak cantik lar. Remember to have the ears visible and remember to wear dark coloured shirt/cloth. The background is light blue.

So with the photos, forms and photocopies (and originals as well for verification purposes), we went to the Immigration office this morning. Of course, Yiyi has to be present. Traffic was fine, and we reached there about 9am. Finding a parking space was hard, so I let Mami off to get her queue number. There wasn't any queue, she went straight to Counter 1. The officer checked the documentation and seems to be happy with it, and proceeded to give us a number.

After parking my car, I joined Mami and Yiyi, and almost immediately, our number was called! That was fast! We went to the special counter (Kaunter Khas), gave him our form and other documentations. He checked everything and then asked me (the father) to sign in the form, and then to leave my thumb print (the father's). Yup! My thumb print, not Yiyi's. Then we were asked to wait for our number to be called for the payment. We spent about 2 minutes in this special counter.

But the wait at the payment counter is longer. About 20 minutes. After paying the RM150 fee, make sure the receipt has got all the information correct. The passport will be ready in 2-3 days time, Yiyi's on next Monday.

We were told that when we pick up the passport on Monday, Yiyi has to be present and we have to bring her birth certificate (original).

All in all, it was a pleasant experience, and fast too. Quite efficient. We only spent about 30 minutes in the Immigration office. However, to make things easy, just make sure the documentations are complete and the form is filled correctly.

So Yiyi's getting her own passport on Monday! Yeay!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Watch More TV??

I cannot believe this. Some sort of an early April's Fool joke or what?.

Apparently, the government is telling the children to watch more TV!!! I can really imagine how this gonna sting back at me in a few years time......

Papi : Yiyi! Have you finish your homework?

Yiyi : Not yet, Papi. I am watching Ultraman!

Papi : What?! All you do is watch TV, watch TV. From noon, until now, almost dinner time, you know. Go take a bath and after dinner, go back into your room and study. Finish your homework also!

Yiyi : But I am learning right now. The government tells us to watch more TV.

Papi : Eh, you don't answer back ah. Where got the government so stupid one?

Yiyi : Got lar, you go and read your blog lar. It's on March 2005. In the media also. Some more they put pictures like Fear Factor lar, The Simpsons lar, Amazing Race lar.

Papi : Errr.....*think think* .... But do they put Ultraman picture there?

Yiyi : Err....No.

Papi : Then you cannot watch Ultraman. Switch it off now and go take a bath!

Yiyi : But Papi, Ultraman is fighting that Giant Squid and ....

Papi : No but but but....go now... now ... NOW!

Yiyi : ....

Watch more TV, students told

It looks like Aladdin's genie has granted schoolchildren their one big wish: To watch more television.

In a bid to get students to better grasp the English language, the Education Ministry is recommending they be allowed to watch more television.

The ministry is concerned over the "average" performance of students in Science and Mathematics taught in English for the past two years, and has devised several new strategies to counter the problem. One of them requires students to watch more television.....
I think they should be more precise lar. They should encourage watching TV for educational programs in English, or other TV programs with parent's supervision. And then encourage parents to spend some quality time with their children, watch some family shows or movies.

There's a funny cartoon by Kee in Kee's World, appeared in The Star in March 10. (Thanks Surfnux for the pointer)

Image hosted by
Kee's World is one of my favourite comics. Check out his comics in The Star.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Got no time to blog leh. Both of us are very very busy right now. I am just gonna sneak this post in.

I got so much work to do now. Mami too. A new tender lar. And no, we are not gonna quit blogging. he he he.

We actually worked through the joke. We only got to know it when we found out Buaya got conned.

Mami : Eh? What is this?

Papi : What?

Mami : Neh...Michael and Dr Liew quitting.

Papi : Sure or not? See see...

Mami : You see lar.

Papi : No lar, Buaya said he got conned mah. Let me check later.

Later, I found many more got conned. Some were mad, some just laughed it off, some jumped down from Komtar. Well...almost. But those who showed real concern, they probably felt betrayed.

Okie dokie, got to get back to work. See ya...


Just to clarify on this post. We have no ill feelings towards Mike and Doc over the early April's Fool joke. Both of them are great bloggers and we have enjoyed their blogs from day 1 and we believed we will continue to do so. Both of us were not affected coz we were busy working. Aiya! The biggest prank on Malaysian blogosphere, and we missed it!

So, what if we were conned, like many people out there? Well, I think we will definitely show our concern when Mike and Doc announced something's wrong with their blogs. We will also be feeling a sense of lost when they announced they are quitting. A great lost. But the joke, I think, we will just laughed it off. We don't take it personally. :)

Now I believe, both Mike and Doc know how much they mean to their readers. It's not just an everyday read, but they have become part of our daily lives. Part of the big blogosphere family.

So now, everything is settling down. So just let it be, anad let's move on.

Got to get back to work! Cheers!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Satay Celup

If you are from Malacca, you should know what Satay Celup is.

Satay Celup is similar to 'Lok-Lok' but instead of dunking it into a boiling pot of water or soup, you dunk it in a pot of boiling satay sauce. It is a variety of raw and semi-cooked seafood, meat and vegetables on skewer that you cook by dunking it in the boiling satay sauce. There are a assortment of fishballs, squids, prawns, pork, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, kang kung, foo-chok, eggs, spare parts (pig's ear, head skin, stomach, intestine) and many many more!

(Thanks to clfoo, a forumer in for sharing this photo)

More choices..!
(Thanks to clfoo, a forumer in for sharing this photo)

I first tasted this type of satay about 7 years ago. That time I was quite new to Malacca, Mami's hometown. Mami's family likes to bring me around Malacca town and brought me to try some of the delicious delicacies in Malacca, the chicken rice, the popiah, Portugese baked fish, Nyonya food etc. So, one day they brought me to a satay celup shop in Jalan Ong Kim Wee. And I was hooked ever since.

That's how you cook it in the satay sauce
(Thanks to clfoo, a forumer in for sharing this photo)

Last time, you can only find Satay Celup in Malacca. But not anymore. Yup, and they are now in USJ!! Yeay!! And we have been visiting them twice, ever since they started about a week ago. And the taste? Delicious!! It's comparable to the ones in Malacca. The food is fresh and nice. But less variety lar. Just started mah.

Cockles...yummy! Pic source: Cuti Malaysia

The restaurant is located in 27, Jalan USJ21/3, a corner lot. The banner says "Restoran Satay Capitol" but it's not related to Satay Capitol of Malacca. It's started by a family (from Malacca I understand) who just wanted to share this wonderful delicacy with other people. The aunty, if she's in the mood, she'll pop her Elvis Presley CD into the player. Price per stick is RM1 (Klang Valley mah).

Check out the forum for the review from USJ-lians. There's a map in there somewhere.

Give it a try! And go home with satay smell in your fingers. :) *sniff sniff*

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Papi : *coming out from the office gents* Eh? Mami ah?

Mami : What?

Papi : There are so many hairs in the urinal lar.

Mami : Huh? Ha ha ha..

Papi : It's true, almost clogging the urinal already, you know.

Mami : Kerinting one ah?

Papi : Yalar!

Mami : Ha ha ha

Papi : Either someone has eaten a lot of Maggi mee, or someone has been wanking inside the toilet.

Mami : ROTFL!!

Bulu: Malay meaning hair
Kerinting: Malay meaning curly

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Conversation

This conversation was related to us by a colleague and her toddler.

Daughter : Mommy, mommy, can we go shipping. I want to buy some new cloths.

Mommy : Shopping? No money lar.

Daughter : Ah? Why no money?

Mommy : Mommy didn't go to the bank.

Daughter : Ah? Why didn't go to the bank?

Mommy : The bank not open lar.

Daughter : Ah? Why the bank not open?

Mommy : Because mommy has no money lar.

Daughter : Ah? Why Mommy no money?

Mommy : Mommy didn't go to the bank!

Daughter : Ah? Why didn't go to the bank?

Mommy : The bank not open!.

Daughter : Ah? Why the bank not open?

Mommy : Because mommy has no money lar!

Daughter : Ah? Why Mommy no money?

Mommy : Aiya! Shaddap lar!

Daughter : .....