Friday, May 11, 2007

Watching TV with Mom

Papi : *channel surfing on Astro*

TV : *showing another Hong Kong gansta-cop movie*

Papi : hmmm... looks like a good movie.

Mom : Oh this one ah...I saw already.

Papi : Hmm...

Mom : This one got Cheung Pak Chi (Cecillia Cheung), the movie OK lar.

Papi : Yes ah?

Mom : Yeah, this Daniel Wu is a killer. Cheung Pak Chi is a 'chicken'.

Papi : Hmm...

Mom : This guy is a cop lar. That guy is also a cop.

Papi : Yes ah?

Mom : Yeah, later Daniel Wu will get beaten up, until his eyes so bloody and swollen.

Papi : Hmmm....

Mom : Yeah, but at the end, Daniel Wu died wan.

Papi : x_x

Yup, that's my mom. The last person you would want to watch a movie with.