Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Handphone Etiquette

Some people have the weirdest behaviour when talking on their mobile phone, whether they realised it or not.

In my office, there's a guy who likes to walk around,talking loudly on his handphone. We all get to hear what he's saying (or shouting) and he gets to finger tap on everyone's PCs and tables. Itchy hands lor. This is what he normally does:

Talking on his HP in his room. Got up, and walked around the room. Open room door but stayed in the room. Walked around the room. Laughed.... Close door. Walked in circle, fingger tapping a tune on his table. Open door again. Walked to Finanace Dept, tap-tap on printer on the way. Closed the finance dept door. Walked in circle, shouting profanities. Open finance dept door. Walked to copier machine. Tap-tap on the machine. Walked back and forth the office, touching documents, PC monitors, tables, cabinets, anything his fingers can reached. Walked out of office. Silence for 10 seconds. Walked back in to office, and headed straight to toilet. Open toilet door, but stayed out. Closed toilet door, and walked back to own room.......

And this repeats for 3 to 4 times, with him talking on his phone, loudly. It's like his mind is deeply into the conversation but his body (legs and hands) just gone haywire and decided to do some 'exploring' on its own.

And, oh ya! He's the company's director. :)

Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm back!

Miss me?? hehehe...

I am so tired now, I wish I don't have to work today and I think I could sleep 12 hours straight.

The whole trip didn't go as planned. But luckily I got my work done, and that's the most important. Everything seemed to be falling out of place.

Departure - My early flight to Kuala Terengganu was delayed for 40 minutes. I hate delays, especially because I hate flying. I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible, and keep my feet firmly on the ground. If I have a choice between driving 8 hours to KT or taking a 1-hour flight to KT, I'll drive.

Wrong Parts - A simple swap-and-restore work turned out to be a stressful 12 hours work. Apparently our client made a mistake by ordering the wrong part. So alternatively, I used the spare part, without knowing the spare part is also faulty! There I was, spending almost 6 hours of precious time, trying to reinstall the system using a faulty part without me knowing it. *sigh*

Hotel - I didn't get my prefered hotel. So I checked myself in to another hotel, about 40km away! Took me almost 40 minutes to drive through the trunk roads with goats, cows and kerbaus crossing the road (with no warning!).

Schedule - Even with the problem I was facing, I managed to finish the work ahead of schedule. But another event that was scheduled on the third day was cancelled because the client was busy. So I actually have one day 'free time'. That's a good thing, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Resort near KT - Because I was free on the third day, I decided to go to KT. Mami helped me to book a room in a resort 'not far from airport and KT'. It turned out to be quite far actually. About 35 km from KT, 25km from the airport. And the room sucked! The aircon was faulty and blewing sand and dust onto my open luggage(which I put directly below the aircon duct). I only realised it when I reached home to clean up. :(

Waterfall - My flight was scheduled for night. I requested for a late checkout so that I could rest, but it was turned down. *sigh* So, having no where to go, I decided to drive to a 'nearby' Sekayu waterfall. I had no idea where it is, and I was following the road sign. When I reached Sekayu, my mileage read 80km, only to find I have to hike up a hill for another 2km. I turned back.

Shopping Centres - Bored and exhausted, I decided to check out the shopping centres. Much cooler mah, got aircon. I almost visited all the shopping centres (or is it supermarket) in KT and they all look the same. Ground floor : food stuff and groceries. First Floor : Clothing. Second Floor : Toys, VCDs, Miscellaneous.

Coming back - Again, my flight was delayed. This time 50 minues. But the plane arrived and hour later, and took a very very long time to taxi to KLIA terminal. When I reached home, it's already half past midnight.

So is it good to be back? Hell, YA!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Short Hiatus

Work, work, work...

I will be on a short hiatus next week due to work assignment in the East Coast. I don't think I will be able to get online for the next few days, so I won't be able to blog. :(

Anyway, hope to see u guys soon, ta-ta!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

TV Ads

TV : *showing Sony T7 super slim digital camera advertisement*

Yiyi : Ah-Sok! Ah-Sok! (Ah-Sok meaning Uncle, refering to my brother)

Mami : Yiyi, where got Ah-Sok?

Yiyi : Ah-Sok! *point TV*

She was refering to the male photo that was captured by the digicam at the end of the advertisement, where the digicam spun around.


TV : *showing Ridsect ads*

Yiyi : Papi! Like Papi!!

Mami : HAHAHAHAHA!!! Where got Papi?? *wiping tear from eyes*

Papi : Huh??

Yiyi : Papi, like Papi!! *point to TV*


Papi : Aiyo..Yiyi..Papi looks like that meh? *shake head*

Yiyi : *giggle giggle*

The ads Yiyi is refering to is the one where there's a guy who couldn't sleep and kept shifting on his bed because of mosquitoes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wrong Number

I usually got many "wrong number" phone calls to my mobile. One of the reason is because there is a property agent who has a similar phone number as mine. I knew about this when I decided to find out why people kept calling me and asking me about that apartment somewhere in Sungai Buloh.

But last week, I got a weird phone call from a number I don't know.

Papi : Hello?

Stranger : Hello...Papi ah? (Actually he didn't called me Papi, he called me by my name lar)

Papi : Yes?

Stranger : Hey!! I'm Wan lar!

Papi : Wan?? eerrr...

At this point, I was trying hard to put a face to this caller. One by one, all my malay friends (assuming he's a malay, by his name) flashed through my mind. At the same time, trying not to be rude, I tried to find out who he was.

Papi : are from ABC, aren't you?

Wan : ABC? lar...

Papi : Then...errr... Sorry, I don't recall lar.

Wan : Aiya! I am Wan lar! Wan from Honda!

Papi : Wan from Honda??

This was getting weirder. I don't know any "Wan" from Honda. In fact, I don't know anyone from Honda. I don't even own a Honda. But then at this point, I think "Wan" sensed something was wrong.

Wan : Eh? I think I got the wrong number. Are you Papi from XYZ?

Papi : No. I am Papi but I am not from XYZ.

Wan : Ooops...Sorry...hehehe...

So this guy tried to call his friend, which apparently has the same name as mine, and coincidentally called my mobile number instead. What's the probability of that?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Baby Talk

When we were in college, we used to joke about, 5 to 10 years down the road, when we are all married and have children, the only topic we would talk about is diapers, milk formulas and baby oils. The ladies would be talking about which milk formula brand is better, while the men would be discussing how to change diapers.

It's really happening now.

Nowadays, whenever we grouped together, most of the topics we talked were about babies, and children. Which diaper is better and cheaper? Which milk formula has the more DHA? How frequent do we have to wake up at night for feeding? How to bath the baby? And so on..and so get the idea.

Actually I don't feel awkward talking about this thing. Some people says that it's not 'man' to talk about babies and diapers, but I don't feel that way. I enjoy talking about Yiyi, and the process of bringing her up, which is also one of the reason I created this blog. It's good to be able to share our experience and advice with others. Just like the other day....

A friend came to our house to visit us. Being a new father (his daughter is only 1 month old), naturally our conversation focused on his baby. Apparently, his daughter is crying all the time, and he didn't know what's wrong. We gave him all the possibilities, her stomach could be upset (because of gas build-up etc), she could be hot and uncomfortable, or she could be hungry, etc. Mami also recommended him Yu Yi oil (similar to Minyak Kapak, but milder) for her stomach, of which he said they are also using. But when I told him, there are two version of the oil, he seemed puzzled.

The YuYi oil has two types, one for babies, another for adult. As you would have guessed it, the one for babies is milder and the one for adult is much hotter. And when I got the two versions out from our cabinet (yes, we got both at home), he immediately recognised the bottle for adult. The mouth of the bottle is bigger. Apparently they have been applying the hotter oil to the baby.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What Happened....part 2

After doing a rough estimate of how much were lost and identifying the items that were taken, I went to the police station to make a report. I also managed to snap some photos for memory sake.. hehehe...

At the police station, the young constable helped me to file a report. After telling him what happened, he wrote the report for me and then contacted the patrol team to check it out. A moment later, Mami called me on my mobile, telling me a group of policemen on kapcai were there to just 'have a look'. I supposed they just want to make sure the crime scene is safe.

While at the police station, the constable was having a hard time trying to locate the investigating officer on duty that night. Apparently, the phone number that he had was wrong. But after a few phone calls, he managed to get hold of inspector from a nearby area. He asked to spoke to me personally, trying to get some information from me. But he was engaged in another case, so he promised to come as soon as he finished. He also sent a photographer to get some pictures of the crime scene.

The photographer, turned out to be the CSI....hehehe... He came with a SLR camera, and some tools, which later, I found out to be finger print dusting tools. I brought him around the house to take pictures. He asked me a few questions, and I showed him some places where I think the burglar could have left their prints. Most of the marks made by the burglars didn't turned up well in the finger print dusting. According to the 'CSI', the best is smooth, slippery surface. After an hour or so, he left.

The inspector came around 9pm. He went about checking the house, making sketches of the house plan. He then asked me a few questions and proceed to write another report. Mami had a conversation with his colleague who was checking out the broken window. Apparently the burglars nowadays are more and more daring. In one case, the burglars even had time to cook and eat Maggi Mee with 3 eggs!! WTF??

Now, we have everything fixed. My window has been repaired. The grill has been installed, with extra nails and screws. We also got an alarm system over the weekend. Next, we are looking at getting a home content insurance.

So is our home safe now? Will the alarm system make it more secure? Can the home content insurance covers our lost?

The truth is I don't know. I hope so. Maybe it's not 100% secure and safe, but at least it provides a certain degree of protection and coverage. We can only put in the best we could, and hope for the best, right? :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

What Happened....

We went home early after work around 5pm. Reached home around 5.30pm. Nothing unusual at first. Our auto-gate was working, no sign of break-in from outside. The front door was locked, the windows were shut.

As I was opening the front door grill, I noticed there were some dust and sand on the floor near my side window. I remember asking Mami, "Hey, what is this?"

Image hosted by

At that point of time, I looked up at the ceiling, thinking some rodents must have gone up to my front porch ceiling. Then it struck me! Something's wrong. I looked at the window pane. It was slightly open. Immediately I saw the dent. We have been robbed....

I yelled at Mami, telling her our house has been broken into. Mami was shocked. I tried to look into our house, and saw the mess in the living room. Then I realised, the burglar could still be inside. At this point, we have yet to open the front door, it was still locked. I went behind the house, visually examining the side of the house, the side sliding door, the kitchen windows, the back door. Then I got myself a broom stick. Armed with the broom stick, I unlocked the front door, and asked Mami to remain outside. I went in.

It was not as messy as I had expected. They had only ransacked my stair cabinet, where I kept some cash (and foreign currency as well), my Sony videocam, and my gold chain (of more than 15 years .. sob...sob). They left my TV, my DVD player, and my PS1 untouched. I guess they were going for smaller items. They also went in to my store room, but nothing was taken. My kitchen and my back store room was untouched.

Then I went upstair. My second and third room are empty. Nonetheless, I went in to make sure it's safe. Then I got into our master bedroom. All our cloths, cabinets and drawers were ransacked. After making sure, it's safe and they have left. I asked Mami to call my dad.

Trying not to touch anything, we tried to figure out what has been taken. Mami's collection of empty angpow packets were all ripped. Some of our jewellery were all taken, including the engagement diamond ring I gave to Mami *sigh..*. Lucky for us, the bulk of it was not at home, as we are keeping it somewhere safe. Our VCD player was also taken, as my Ralph Laurent perfume and Mami's Happy and Allure. Mami's Europe coin collections were also taken.

To be continued....

Friday, May 06, 2005


My house was burgled. Pecah-masuk.

Looks like our bad luck is continuing!! *sigh...*

Image hosted by
Notice the chipped wall and the dented window panel?? That's how they (assuming more than one burglar) got in. They pried it open with a crowbar or something.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
They also pried open my window grill. Unfortunately for us, the wall on this section is a bit loose (more sand). The grill came off easily!!

Image hosted by
The 'celaka' left his fingerprints.

Image hosted by
My living room. Lost my videocam here and some cash.

Image hosted by
My master bedroom. Lost some cash, jewelry and my JVC CD/VCD player. Mami lost her engagement diamond ring I gave to her. :(

Image hosted by
Even took our perfumes.

Image hosted by
Mami also lost her European coins collection that we collected while we were travelling in Europe. *double sigh*

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The 'CSI' came and did some finger print dusting. This one didn't appear. :(

Luckily no one was around and physically hurt. We are thankful for that. Of all the lost, most of all, we lost a sense of security and safety in our own home. And that really, really sucks.

Looks like we have to squeeze our wallet harder this month.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Toy Car

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

She loves her toy car. Especially when we switch it on. The car will go spinning and rolling, blasting an annoying high-pitch VengaBoy tune. So why a toy car, and not a Barbie doll or Teddy Bear? you asked.

Actually we didn't buy it. GrandPa collected it from the garbage of the rich. he he he ... His work enables him to travel to some of the most luxurious and rich areas in KL and PJ, to some of the VVVIP's home. And you'll be surprised what you can find in their thrash!! Once, my dad brought home an entire rubber boat that can sits two, complete with a banana float! Most of the time, he brought home toys, books, antiques, furniture, electrical appliances etc. Most are still in working condition.

And I grew up with all these stuffs. Will blog about it next time. :)