Friday, May 11, 2007

Watching TV with Mom

Papi : *channel surfing on Astro*

TV : *showing another Hong Kong gansta-cop movie*

Papi : hmmm... looks like a good movie.

Mom : Oh this one ah...I saw already.

Papi : Hmm...

Mom : This one got Cheung Pak Chi (Cecillia Cheung), the movie OK lar.

Papi : Yes ah?

Mom : Yeah, this Daniel Wu is a killer. Cheung Pak Chi is a 'chicken'.

Papi : Hmm...

Mom : This guy is a cop lar. That guy is also a cop.

Papi : Yes ah?

Mom : Yeah, later Daniel Wu will get beaten up, until his eyes so bloody and swollen.

Papi : Hmmm....

Mom : Yeah, but at the end, Daniel Wu died wan.

Papi : x_x

Yup, that's my mom. The last person you would want to watch a movie with.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Work Work Work

It's my 5th working day today and I am doing pretty good. Adapting to the working life here.

The environment here is friendly. However, everyone's just super busy since they have got a few projects going on. I have yet to do any serious work, mainly because the project I am supposed to help out is already in advanced stage. So I guess it's difficult for my boss to slot me in. But every now and then, he would asked my opinion and experience on how things were done in my previous taking of projects. But one thing I dislike about the new company is it's location. It's twice as far as my previous company. Just yesterday, it took me almost an hour to reach home. Not to mention the toll I have to pay. But I guess I just have to adapt lor.

So what am I doing now? Reading manuals and blogs. LOL! Nothing to do mah, mah read blogs lor. But mostly technical blogs on Linux lar. Coz I'll be working with Linux a lot.

Just got a call yesterday from an ex-colleague of mine, asking for some info. So I asked him how he's doing.

"We got a pay cut", he said sadly.

"What?!". I was quite shock really. "When?"

"Just after you left".

Wow! Talk about timing. I was lucky to bail early. If not, that would really affect my package during negotiation.

Got to get back to reading blogs work. Ta-ta!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A New Start

After resting and relaxing for more than 2 weeks, I started working today in a new company.

It's bigger than my previous company, more potential, and not to mention longer working hours and it's also further!.

On the phone ....

Mami : So what are you doing now?

Papi : Nothing lor, reading blogs hehehe....

Mami : Which way you go?

Papi : Highway lor. First day mah, must be punctual lor.

Mami : So what time you reach there?

Papi : Very early, 8am I reach already kekeke...

Mami : So early ah?! How much toll?

Papi : About RM4 something leh..expensive.

So what did we do during the 2 weeks break? Lots!! We went to Penang, Sitiawan, Ipoh, Kampung Kuantan in K.Selangor to see kelip kelip. And we went swimming almost everyday!
Will post about those trips later. :)